the future of the art mobile


The Shenandoah Valley Art Mobile would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to our community for all the support and love we have been shown! We are so thankful to Harrisonburg and the surrounding area for welcoming us and encouraging the pursuit of our vision.

We regret to share that the chapter that is Shenandoah Valley Art Mobile will be drawing to a close due to our founder falling ill. (Don’t worry, she is okay!) However, we are thrilled to share that our resources will be inherited by The Making Space! For those unfamiliar, The Making Space is another local, arts-based nonprofit organization whose mission is closely aligned to that of the Art Mobile.

The Making Space is a free community art studio with the goal of enriching the Valley through creativity and connection. On the second Thursday of every month, The Making Space hosts a free open studio at the Simms Center from 5-8pm. The open studio includes instruction and demonstration of art processes facilitated by a local artist, some inspiration starters, space and supplies, and support for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore art making.

The Making Space and the Art Mobile are similar in that both organizations place deep importance on the value of exploring the creative process in our lives. We both believe that engaging with art making is life-enriching, transformational, and healing. Additionally, we see the lack of access to art making opportunities as a situation that needs to be addressed within our community and our society. The difference between our organizations lies in our approach to increasing access to art making experiences. The Art Mobile was pursuing the purchase and renovation of a bus to provide mobile programming, The Making Space hopes to strengthen the community through connecting people in an inviting third-place space.

The Art Mobile is very excited to have the opportunity to pass our resources on to such a like-minded organization! The core principles and values of the Art Mobile will continue to live on through the positive contributions provided to our community by The Making Space.